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What we do:

Computaris is the R Systems European division, a global digital transformation leader that provides AI-driven solutions to clients across industries, through a broad range of technology & AI/analytics services. We continue to empower organizations since over 27 years, with 16 delivery centers, 25+ offices worldwide and a workforce of 2750+ professionals. In Europe, R Systems has offices in UK, Romania, Poland, Switzerland, and Moldova.

Why should you consider joining our team?

Well, we constantly adapt to the modern ways of working. If your professional development is a key focus, you will be glad to hear that we are sharp technology adopters. One of our colleagues’ favorite job perks is not getting bored even after 5 years with us. We are a charismatic bunch, so beware! You will experience that “I   really   want   to   go   to   work” feeling!   😊   Want   to   find   out   more?   Check   us   out   here:

Cloud Senior Engineer will be responsible for implementation of all aspects of the OS, virtualization and containerization aspects of the software applications. This is a senior position within software development department, and in a highly collaborative environment working directly with Development, QA and Operations teams across geographies.

Here’s what you will do:
  • Propagate the Cloud/Virtualization culture throughout the company
  • Act as a Subject Matter Expert for all team members on any cloud-specific/virtualization subjects and topics.
  • Responsible for solution implementation to cloud by either directly into the cloud or for hybrid-based environments.
  • Responsible for automating the deployment of the infrastructure in a dynamic way so that it will fit for both cloud-native and hybrid-based customers.
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining fully automated CI/CD pipelines for code and infrastructure deployment
  • Assisting projects on the platform with CI scripts – the scripts triggered by code being checked into the codebase and that trigger the necessary build, test and publish operations
  • Monitoring the overall health of all the projects and identifying where optimizations may be required to their CI scripts
  • Increase automation level of deployment activities.
  • Collaborate with developers to properly automate software build, test and deploy
  • Prepare relevant technical documentation for the above responsibilities
Here’s what it takes to get here:
  • Level of independence: act as an evangelizer of the specific area
  • Experience in Linux administration, particularly RedHat or Ubuntu
  • Experience in deploying applications in Virtualized environments (Openstack)
  • Experience in one or more Cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, Google, OpenStack, etc
  • Having experience with Docker and related management systems such as Kubernetes, OpenShift
  • CI/CD experience including use of Git, Gerrit, Jenkins or other similar CI/CD tools and platforms;
  • Good understanding of Microservice architecture
  • Cloud API development/debug experience;
  • RESTful API development experience;
  • Experience coding and scripting with Bash/Python/Ruby and/or Perl
  • Good knowledge of SCM tools (Chef/Puppet/Ansible)
  • Good knowledge of Version Control Systems (Git)
  • Good knowledge about System reliability, high-availability solutions
  • Good knowledge about distributed file systems: GlusterFS, Ceph
  • Experience about relational databases and NoSQL databases (MongoDB, Cassandra…)
  • Analytical skills to identify where problems are occurring and net down the nature of the problem
  • Communication skills to discuss issues with testers and developers and to keep the overall team appraised of any system issues
  • Good organizational, time and task management skills to prioritize work items
  • Familiar with Agile delivery methodology
  • Enthusiasm to learn new skills about new products and environments
Nice to have:
  • Good knowledge of virtualization solutions, including hypervisor and network virtualization (KVM/Qemu, OpenStack, OpenShift, VMware);
  • Knowledge of distributed computing and big data architectures (e.g. Hadoop, Spark)
  • Would be a plus: Icinga2 for monitoring, EqualLogic storage (iSCSI), Experience with ELK/Grafana, experience with vCenter


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