R Systems is looking for a skilled DevOps Engineer to join our team of skilled professionals focused on developing and improving high-end digital products for our client who offers forestry professional intelligent forest information systems and up-to-date forest analytics based on satellite data.

Your contribution
  • Manage CI/CD/CT pipelines based on Gitlab and Jenkins tools
  • Manage virtual environments and clusters based on different virtualization tools (OpenStack, Kubernetes)
  • Ensure that systems are safe and secure against cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities
  • Identify technical problems and developing software updates and ‘fixes’
  • Analyze the team and user needs
  • Work with software developers and software engineers to ensure that development follows established processes and works as intended
  • Prepare relevant technical documentation for the above responsibilities
  • Perform root cause analysis for production errors
  • Design procedures and manage documentation for system troubleshooting and maintenance
Bring along
  • Good knowledge of infrastructure as a code (IaC) tools – mainly CDK and pure Cloudformation
  • AWS SSO – we manage each of our project and environment (production/test/qa) as a separate AWS account – therefore, knowledge of IAM roles, AWS accounts and SSO is needed
  • Cognito UserPools, defined triggers (currently in Golang)
  • Standard Configuration – Route 53 domain -> CloudFront -> API gateway -> Lambda code
  • Good knowledge of Lambda + Lambda layers + monitoring – XRay and Cloudwatch 
  • Good knowledge of RDS – monitoring and maintenance (for example, backups) – mostly PostGIS
  • SQS, SNS – used for CQRS, communication with Apple/Google for notification, async tasks and some other basic architecture (monitoring of those services)
  • Basic knowledge of S3
  • Good knowledge of AWS Batch, AWS Step functions, AWS Elasticsearch – monitoring, AWS PinpointEC2 clustering and autoscaling group + ECR

What's in it for you:

Unbound workplace flexibility:
Whether in-office, remote, or hybrid, where you work is entirely up to you! We’ll also provide the proper work equipment to ensure there is no digital barrier you can’t break.
Work-life balance
We value your personal time, so encourage you to pause and recharge by offering a flexible working schedule, and more.
Health coverage
Stay healthy and feel always in safe hands with the private medical subscription for you and your family members.
Professional development
Keep your knowledge fresh and achieve your professional goals, with free and unlimited access to Udemy online learning platform. We also provide 5 days off yearly for professional training, paid study holidays, and customized training and professional certification programs.
Building a community…
If you know some awesome & talented innovators, recommend them to us and you’re in for a neat referral bonus. We hope you’ll genuinely like us enough to stick around and enjoy our long-term contribution rewards. Paving your road to these are bonuses for special life events and celebrations throughout the year.
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People-centered offices
Our offices are not only hip and cool, with private and co-working spaces, but also situated in central city locations, so that you can get there easily. Coming to the office is always an opportunity to enjoy ping-pong, foosball or fun console games in the company of your colleagues.
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Food for thought
To feed both your body and brain, we like to organize occasional Lunch & Learn sessions. If these leave you hungry for more, you can always enroll in our mentoring & coaching sessions.
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Healthy rivalry
Running shoes are not included in your welcome kit, but you may need to get a pair ASAP because we take our (inter)company sports competitions very seriously. And if you're competitive but sports are not your forte, you can always join our hackathons or reading marathons.
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A chance to give back
If you’re a charitable soul like us you’ll enjoy planting trees, baking cakes, playing chess, crafting, or donating to a cause in our social community events.
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Lots of fun
Our awesome people may be spread across many countries & cities, but we like to team up for some fun as often as we can. Be it team buildings, parties, or other team events, we take on every opportunity to meet and strengthen our sense of community.
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Who we are as a company:

R Systems is a global technology and analytics services company. We help our clients achieve speed-to-market, overcome digital barriers, and create business value with our specialized service offerings and consultative business approach.

We speak the language of business as fluently as we do the language of technology. In other words: We speak Digital. Our goal: accelerate our clients’ digital leadership.

Some quick aspects we take pride in:

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