Elastic Search Engineer

Project details:
  • The product to be developed is intended to handle the Location Performance Monitoring of client’s emergency and commercial location-based services (LBS), for CDMA, LTE and 5G.
  • The primarily goal of the solution is to be used to create the FCC compliance reports for 911 calls. It will also be used for real time traffic monitoring and troubleshooting and for real time data forwarding.
  • The solution will be equipped with an optional Machine Learning plugin to be used for real time anomaly detection and for predictive analytics applications such as capacity forecasting.
  • All the above will be possible by usage of ELK stack, with different features and plugins, and by near real time data ingestion, search and visualization.
Bring along:
  • Hands-on experience of a programming language & scripting abilities.
  • Full stack understanding.
  • Experience of configuration tools (Chef / Ansible / Puppet or similar).
  • Good experience with ELK stack.
  • Data visualization and dashboards customization.
  • Experience with Vega plugin for Kibana Custom visualizations.
  • Experience from running platforms in cloud environment.
  • Knowledge of containerization technologies.
  • Network understanding (including DNS, DHCP, TCP/IP, HTTP(S)).
  • Good knowledge and experience with Unix/Linux operating systems.
  • Experience with Source Code Management Systems (git / GitLab).
  • Knowledge of Jira tool.
  • Awareness of Key concepts of DevOps (methodologies, tools and technics).
  • Incident and Problem management skills.
  • Experience with CI/CD is welcomed.
Benefits we offer
Available throughout (even in Covid times):
  • Competitive remuneration
  • Flexible working schedule
  • Medical insurance
  • Meal tickets
  • 3 sick-days per year (no questions asked)
  • 1 additional vacation day for each year in the company
  • Extra free time by compensating public holidays that fall on weekends
Looking forward to return to (after the pandemic):
  • Central office location
  • Massage sessions at the office
  • Sport competitions
  • Team buildings and parties
  • Lunch & learn sessions
  • (online) team events and games
Who we are as a team
  • We have a strong sense of responsibility to our clients and the quality of our work. We are accountable for the projects; we tackle clients’ challenges and we go the extra mile to deliver.
  • Clients praise us for flexibility. If something is humanly possible, we do it.
  • We are fair, honest and transparent with each other and with our clients.​
  • We strive for top quality and do not settle for “standards”.
  • We trust each other, work well together and deliver value to clients as a team.  
Who we are as company

R Systems specializes in digital transformation services based on the latest technologies in the area of cloud, data analytics, RPA, IA, ML/AI. For almost 30 years in the telecom and technology industry, we have successfully delivered over 1000 complex, high-stake projects to more than 100 operators worldwide, supporting them throughout the 2G to 5G evolution.

As we progress into the digital transformation era, we aim to become the tech partner of choice for global organizations looking to innovate and expand their business through the latest technology.

  • 2,700 employees worldwide.
  • 25 offices in 12 countries in Europe, US, APAC.
  • 16 delivery hubs, including centers of excellence in Romania, Poland, Moldova.
  • Partners of Microsoft – cloud computing and cloud application strategic partner; UiPath – RPA/IA Silver partner; Google Cloud; Oracle – Gold Partner; Automation Anywhere and Salesforce – US Gold Partner.


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