Our experience in the area of business support systems is based on 20+ years of project engagements and cooperation with leading OSS/BSS vendors.
  • Rating and charging
    Rating and charging is in R Systems’ DNA since 1996, when prepaid was in its early days. From calling cards or hot-billing systems to today’s current convergent charging solutions, we have been developing, deploying and maintaining systems in dozens of projects that deliver value to more than 200 million end users worldwide,
  • Loyalty and churn management
    Our loyalty and churn management solutions help telecom operators stand out on the market, increase customer retention, boost spending and average revenue per unit, and maintain a healthy business.
  • Calling card management
    Recharging (or top-up) is an extremely important business process in the prepaid world. The management of this process has evolved from calling card (anonymous subscriptions) and scratch cards for standard prepaid subscriptions to complex payment systems including virtual vouchers, mobile money, dealer management and incentives management.
  • Data policy management
    We have an extensive experience in delivering data policy management solutions using multiple technologies and working across heterogeneous fixed and mobile networks. As solutions may use policy products from specific vendors, we are not locked-in to a specific technology or product, always building the best solution available to meet the operator’s requirements.
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