Recharging (or top-up) is an extremely important business process in the prepaid world. The management of this process has evolved from calling card management (anonymous subscriptions) and scratch cards for standard prepaid subscriptions to complex payment systems including virtual vouchers, mobile money, dealer management and incentives management.

Today’s systems require more mobility and independence from physical vouchers. However, in our experience, the voucher management systems have a different dynamic compared to other business support systems: the replacement cycles are long and often a new system with increased capabilities is brought into function complementing – and not replacing – the legacy one.

We have experience with different recharge systems implementations, from complete replacements that include voucher migration to deployment of adjacent functionality complementing the existing application.

Selected success stories

  • We developed and delivered a scratch card and virtual card (eVoucher) solution which included a voucher management system and a USSD and SMS self-care for customer top-up and money transfer for an Asian MVNO.
  • We migrated a legacy voucher management solution to a new productwhich offers both scratch card vouchers and electronic PIN. The solution was fully integrated with the payment and recharge management platform of a large MVNO.


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