Our loyalty and churn management solutions help telecom operators stand out on the market, increase customer retention, boost spending and average revenue per unit, and maintain a healthy business.

Our loyalty and churn management solutions are based on the individual understanding of customers and a personalized approach throughout the customer journey. Our straightforward solutions vary from simple reward-based promotions to advanced prediction-based campaigns, and our offerings address individual needs, spending and activity.

From the implementation perspective, we can support various approaches from full blown standalone systems, to specific approaches where the logic is implemented directly in the operator’s existing charging system.

Selected success stories

  • We implemented several loyalty campaigns straight in the charging system of XOX, an Asian MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). The “Member get Member” campaign allowed existing subscribers to recommend new subscribers and get incentives based on their activity for a limited period once their referrals resulted in new network members, top-ups or bill payment. The “Voucher Lottery” campaign allowed the MVNO to randomly reward subscribers based on the reload activity in a certain period.
  • We developed and maintained the loyalty system for a leading software vendor for a European Tier 1 operator serving 6 million prepaid subscribers.The implementation followed technology changes and included several software upgrades ensuring the alignment of the platform with the business needs and the market evolution.
  • We developed a broad range of campaigns for an Asian mobile operator on top of a partner’s loyalty solution. The project included complex mass campaigns as well as micro-segmented campaigns with different bonus types for post/paid subscribers and different notifications types.


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