Rating and charging is in Computaris’ DNA since 1996, when prepaid was in its early days. From calling cards or hot-billing systems to today’s current convergent charging solutions, we have been developing, deploying and maintaining systems in dozens of projects that deliver value to more than 200 million end users worldwide.

We understand that the value of charging systems comes not only from rating and account balance management, but also from deep domain knowledge combined with the expertise in the adjacent systems like IN/NGIN, voucher management, provisioning, self-care, and mediation. Additionally, we can support the full lifecycle of the charging product, from engineering to system integration and maintenance.

Selected success stories

  • For over 15 years we have helped one of the leading global rating and charging vendors to customize its charging system for customer specific requirements. Our involvement covered the development of custom integration to network elements and adjunct charging systems, from SS7/CAMEL to Diameter and IP based proprietary ones.
  • We have been involved in several complex projects that required real-time mediation between network and charging systems, using off-the-shelf mediation systems like Digital Route, JAIN SLEE technology or custom versions of proprietary platforms. Starting from solution concept, design and sizing, to implementation and maintenance, we delivered bridge systems responsible for voice, data, messaging or VAS charging.


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