Since 2007 we have developed long term partnerships with leading vendors of service delivery platforms (SDP). 

We have been involved in all phases of complex SDP projects, from technology consultancy to migration and improvement of existing services, intelligent networks (IN) replacements, development of new services and ongoing support.

Our experience extends to various types of service delivery platforms: SLEE-based (OpenCloud, Mobicents), open-source (Apache, Spring, etc.) and proprietary platforms.

Computaris has been utilising JAIN/SLEE technology since early 2008. We have created an experienced team of JAIN/SLEE experts – from software testers to solution architects – with broad experience in designing, creating and implementing services on top of the OpenCloud Rhino or Mobicents platforms.

Our expertise covers, among others, the development of: IN platforms, next-generation intelligent network architecture, AuC/HLR systems, SMSC/SMS-R solutions, resource adaptors, USSD gateway applications, and roaming steering solutions.

Selected success stories

  • We developed an HLR/AuC system on a platform that offers support for voice, messaging, data and supplementary services, and that complies with telecom stringent requirements regarding availability, overload protection, management, traceability and security. The system also includes provisioning capabilities and allows the usage of external unified subscriber repository for data storage.
  • We delivered USSD gateway developments covering the application sitting between the HLR and the IT systems, which is converting MAP messages into IP protocols . An SMS gateway was used for SMS-based message exchanges, and an SMPP protocol was used to communicate with the SMSC and with an IP protocol.
  • We developed a ”call me back” service for a mobile operator allowing its prepaid subscribers to send a free mobile-originated ”call me back” SMS to another prepaid or postpaid subscriber of the operator by accessing an USSD service.
  • On top of the Mobicents platform we developed a call completion application which is designed as a single module interconnecting through various protocols with a short message service center (SMSC), a (V)MSC, a voice mail and an Oracle database server.
  • We developed IN platforms from scratch for an Eastern European tier-1 mobile operator serving 8 million prepaid subscribers and for an Asian MVNO serving 100.000 prepaid subscribers. The 3GPP-compliant platforms served both national and roaming voice calls.


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