We have delivered solutions covering a significant part of what is today considered value added services (VAS), including short message service center (SMSC/SMSC-R), multimedia messaging service (MMS), unstructured supplementary service data (USSD services), location based services, ring back tone, missed call alert, voice mail, and interactive voice response (IVR).

We have also adapted existing platforms and integrated them in the customer’s network and developed customized solutions where needed.

For operators worldwide, we offer support to consolidate VAS into single platforms (either proprietary or through development on open application servers such as JAIN SLEE platforms), and to optimize their operational costs in this area.

Selected success stories

  • We supported the development and worldwide implementation and customization of a USSD gateway and menu browser, with tens of installations serving millions of subscribers for one of our partners.
  • We were involved in the development and delivery of a location-based system that allows mobile operators to support virtual landline functionality. The functionality allows subscribers to keep their handset and have a virtual fixed geographical number which they can use to receive or make calls.
  • We supported a European tier-1 mobile operator to consolidate its VAS into one platform running JAIN SLEE technology. On the same platform we developed and deployed SMS, MMS, USSD, MCA, and voice services.


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