R Systems’ know-how is behind 1,000+ business suport/operation support systems (BSS/OSS) deployed at nearly 70 telecom operators worldwide.
  • Online and offline mediation
    While mediation is simply about making disparate systems understand each other, the technologies and solutions used to create it can be quite complex, and the actual integration process can range from straightforward to very elaborate.
  • Mobile number portability
    Most operators in America, Europe and APAC have implemented mobile number portability (MNP) as part of their regulatory compliance. Therefore, some of them may not consider this a hot topic. However, interest has revived nowadays as number portability systems must cope with the operators’ newer architectures, protocols and processes.
  • Subscriber data management
    Subscriber Data Management (SDM) consolidates profile data across mobile and fixed networks in a single virtual data store. The management of subscriber data is essential for operators seeking to leverage this information and ultimately improve the customer experience and drive additional revenue.
  • Device management
    Mobile Device Management today is all about the administration of the growing range of mobile devices which operators need to provision, configure, secure and diagnose seamlessly and remotely.
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