Mobile device management today is all about the administration of the growing range of mobile devices which operators need to provision, configure, secure and diagnose seamlessly and remotely.

The device management solution developed by Computaris enables mobile operators to provide a secure and enhanced mobile experience to their subscribers, while being cost effective. The back end component of the solution handles subscribers’ information, device information, device configurations and provisioning scenarios. The core functionality consists of scenario customization for subscriber’s device and profile, and scenario scheduling for delivery over the air. Additional features include: provisioning campaign, automatic device detection, BI logging.

Computaris provides both development services and product customization in order to support the integration of the mobile device management solution with the operators’ specific systems.

Our expert touch

We helped our customers with the development of the back end component of a device management solution which can now handle 50% more subscribers with the same hardware. Currently there are ~ 20 live installations with up to 80 million subscribers. The solution is flexible for integration with the operators’ systems, has intuitive features and can be extended for nowadays business cases (especially the ones from the smart phones dynamic sector).


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