While mediation is simply about making disparate systems understand each other, the technologies and solutions used to create it can be quite complex, and the actual integration process can range from straightforward to very elaborate.

We help industry players with both online and offline mediation expertise by providing either turn-key solutions or services on top of an existing mediation platform and technology. We are very well suited to help in the traditional scenarios or latest industry trends:
  • Consolidation of online and offline mediation into one system
  • Migration to big data, where massive data processing is required
  • Decoupling of a standardized network from the IT layer which requires more dynamic and agile service development
Based on a long term strategic partnership with DigitalRoute, we have also created a team of MediationZone platform experts prepared to take on technical presale activities, system architecture and integration, customization projects, maintenance and support.

Our expert touch:

  • We provided MediationZone/service broker based integration of data services with Comverse CCBS 2.0 in Ukraine, and of Kenan real-time prepaid with Kenan FX in Australia
  • We provided support for the development and acceptance tests of MediationZone5.0 for DigitalRoute itself
  • We handled a complex migration project of DigitalRoute MediationZone platform that was being upgraded from version 5.0 to 5.1, including transition of both software and hardware components. Computaris was also entrusted with the support and maintenance of the complete mediation platform which was the key system for serving a mobile customer base of approximately 15 million users


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