Subscriber data management (SDM) consolidates profile data across mobile and fixed networks in a single virtual data store. The management of subscriber data – such as subscribers’ network identification and reference, associated payment models, balances, status of applications – is essential for operators seeking to leverage this information and ultimately improve the customer experience and drive additional revenue.

Our team has extensive experience in subscriber data management since 2008, covering areas such as provisioning platforms, HLR solutions, equipment identity register, proxy type solutions customizations, relational and hierarchic databases.

We have delivered solutions and services in the SDM space from E2E product development to integration, deployments, product customizations and support, always ensuring safe data replication, data integrity, data redundancy and aggregation.

Selected success stories

  • We developed a complex provisioning platform and replaced an end of lifecycle provisioning platform built in-house. During the process, we migrated over 40 million subscriber profiles on three different geographical locations, each of them having over six different allocated servers. The solution now handles over 41 external partners like RIM, Blogger, Yahoo, each of them requiring individual validation and integration testing.
  • We developed a data metering solution that would offer a centralized, converged rating and unit determination using 3GPP standards-based modular architecture and interfaces. The solution allows Internet access to any customer and the visualization of their own data usage in real time. The highly configurable solution enables a variety of data plans and flexible services, such as throttling in real-time and sending customer notifications via SMS regarding events on their data plan.


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