From 2G and 3G networks to rolling out VoLTE, mobile operators are faced with one of the most challenging deployments they have encountered.

We help telecom operators to overcome both business and technical challenges and experience a smooth transition to VoLTE.

R Systems VoLTE services

We provide development, migration and consulting services to support customers with designing solutions, implementing and optimizing services.
We help operators address the significant interoperability, security, SIP signaling, and billing challenges of the transition to VoLTE.
We have a solid team of experts with hands-on experience, comprehensive understanding of the technology and the local markets.


We help you build new services compatible with both your legacy and IMS networks.


We assist you in the migration of your IN services to become available for VoLTE subscribers.


We help you scale up your expertise and assist with the right technology to aid the transition process.

Selected success stories

  • We support a major European mobile operator in the implementation of IN services for VoLTE (replicating existing CAP services), including: mobile number portability (MNP), tariff type announcement (TTA), ringback tone (RBT), while providing deployment and integration testing together with the IMS vendor and the VoLTE telecom application server (TAS) vendors.
  • For tier-1 European operator, we are implementing and deploying the prepaid call control service to work for both CAPv3 and SIP for VoLTE. The new implementation will replace the legacy call control currently used for prepaid subscribers.

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