Lead Software Engineer with Java

What we do:
R Systems is a global digital transformation leader that provides AI-driven solutions to clients across industries, through a broad range of technology & AI/analytics services. We continue to empower organizations since over 27 years, with 16 delivery centers, 25+ offices worldwide and a workforce of 2750+ professionals. In Europe, R Systems has offices in UK, Romania, Poland, Switzerland, and Moldova.
Why should you consider joining our team?
Well, we constantly adapt to the modern ways of working. If your professional development is a key focus, you will be glad to hear that we are sharp technology adopters. One of our colleagues’ favorite job perks is not getting bored even after 5 years with us. We are a charismatic bunch, so beware! You will experience that “I really want to go to work” feeling! Want to find out more? Check us out here: https://www.eu.rsystems.com/ As Lead Software Engineer you will join an existing team of engineers in developing a modern desktop app, focusing on the development and deployment of a demanding real-time application using IPC on both Windows and MacOS platforms. This role takes part in the full development process, from high-level design work through to product testing. Our technology stack includes among others: Java 8, Docker, GitLab, Spring Boot, OpenStack, OpenAPI v3, Maven and the list may go on. You will lead a medium-size agile team geographically distributed across several locations.
Here’s what it takes to get here:
  • Experience with app development, notably integration with OS features including Inter-Process Communications (IPC), app packaging and installation.
  • Experience with Java development, suitable for making significant enhancements to an existing desktop app.
  • Ability to design and write secure, stable, testable, and maintainable code with minimal defects.
  • Experience working in agile teams, attend Scrum specific ceremonies (daily standups, planning sessions, retros)
  • Excellent communications skills, a versatile and creative mind, with good problem-solving abilities, self-motivation, and energy.
Candidates will benefit from having experience in the following areas:
  • App development on both Windows and MacOS platforms.
  • Development of secure desktop applications.
  • Automated testing infrastructure and/or desktop app testing.
  • Communications products, such as SIP, calling, messaging, or group collaboration.
Here’s what you will do:
  • Performing requirement analyses.
  • Developing high-quality and detailed designs.
  • Conducting unit testing using automated unit test frameworks.
  • Identifying risk and conducting mitigation action planning.
  • Conducting configuration of your own work.
  • Reviewing the work of other developers and providing feedback.
  • Using coding standards and best practices to ensure quality.


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