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Stress and Stability test OpenStack and Kubernetes (in a second phase) on various HW configurations as well as various SW configurations. Load/Capacity testing for the control plane of both platforms is also an objective, for example max number of VMs that can be created with various flavors for a on a certain OpenStack configuration and HW configuration.

Both platforms are inherently multi-tenant, interaction between tenants has to be validated, especially the effects of faulty tenants on the platforms and the operation of the other tenants.

The operation of both the platforms needs to be validated in various failure/impairment scenarios:

  • OpenStack software components failures/impairment
  • Kubernetes software components
  • Network failures/impairment
  • disk failures/impairment
  • CPU failures failures/impairment
  • Memory failures/impairment

The fully automated test suite shall be used for regression testing for newer versions of OpenStack and Kubernetes and different SW and HW configurations. The tested platform will be continuously monitored. The monitoring has two purposes:

  • Detect problems
  • In case of failures, provide information for identifying the failure reason(s)

The monitoring platform is an Elastic Stack based platform which will be provides as part of this project. As methodology – combination of Agile and Waterfall.

Your contribution
  • Take part in our Quality Assurance Process – provide constant updates and improvements for the Test procedures, Test approaches and Test tools
  • Write test strategies on a project level and/or solution level
  • Review the Functional Specification Document and require more details if needed
  • Write test plans from functional and non functional specifications and execute them
  • Design and maintain automatic validation suites
  • Create test environments based on database and system configurations
  • Perform manual and automated testing (system tests, regression tests, performance tests and acceptance tests)
  • Deploy and integrate new software remotely or in person at the customer’s site
  • Use the bugs handling tool to record discovered product bugs
  • Produce the Test Report at the end of Testing Activity
  • Liaise with international partners to understand requirements, make investigations and facilitate third-level support
  • Work according to agreed project plans
Bring along
  • Minimum 3 years full-time working experience in an IT company after completing your degree
  • Experience in Quality Assurance department of a software development company
Benefits we offer
Available throughout (even in Covid times):
  • Flexible working schedule
  • Medical subscription
  • Referral policy
  • Training platforms
  • 3 sick-days per year (no questions asked)
  • 1 additional vacation day for each year in the company
  • Extra free time by compensating public holidays that fall on weekends
Looking forward to return to (after the pandemic):
  • Central office location
  • Sport competitions
  • Team buildings and parties
  • Lunch & learn sessions
  • (online) team events and games
Who we are as a team
  • We have a strong sense of responsibility to our clients and the quality of our work. We are accountable for the projects, we tackle clients’ challenges and we go the extra mile to deliver.
  • Clients praise us for flexibility. If something is humanly possible, we do it.
  • We are fair, honest and transparent with each other and with our clients.
  • We strive for top quality and don’t settle for “standards”.
  • We trust each other, work well together and deliver value to clients as a team.  
Who we are as a company

R Systems specializes in digital transformation services based on the latest technologies in the area of cloud, data analytics, RPA, IA, ML/AI. For almost 30 years in the telecom and technology industry, we have successfully delivered over 1000 complex, high-stake projects to more than 100 operators worldwide, supporting them throughout the 2G to 5G evolution.

As we progress into the digital transformation era, we aim to become the tech partner of choice for global organisations looking to innovate and expand their business through the latest technology.

  • 2,700 employees worldwide
  • 25 offices in 12 countries in Europe, US, APAC
  • 16 delivery hubs, including centers of excellence in Romania, Poland, Moldova
  • Partners of Microsoft – cloud computing and cloud application strategic partner; UiPath – RPA/IA Silver partner; Google Cloud; Oracle – Gold Partner; Automation Anywhere and Salesforce – US Gold Partner.


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