Looking to take advantage of the business agility, flexibility and cost savings provided by the cloud and the adoption of DevOps methodology? We are here to support your cloud migration, DevOps transformation and automation projects, no matter how complex or daring.

The success of your digital transformation projects largely depends on the synergy between cloud computing and DevOps, and inherently on the expertise of your cloud and automation partner.

As your cloud computing and DevOps partner we develop cloud-native solutions, assist in migrating existing applications to the cloud, accelerate DevOps processes or scale up your DevOps team when additional expertise is needed.

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Selected examples from our latest projects

  • The development and deployment of over 10 virtual machines in private cloud environment
  • 3,000+ manday project for the development of a multitenant cloud version of online charging system
  • Using DevOps to provision our own internal lab for various continuous integration pipelines running 1,500 end-to-end tests and 16 environments in parallel provisioned from Jenkins with Chef cookbooks.

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