As a Software Engineer at R Systems, you will use state-of-the-art technologies to develop high-quality software for mobile telephony, mobile commerce, telecoms messaging and telecoms interworking.

Why should you consider joining our team?

Well, we constantly adapt to the modern ways of working. If your professional development is a key focus, you’ll be glad to hear that we are sharp technology adopters. You’ll learn a lot from company-paid trainings, as well as from our experienced team and from our very diverse international projects. One of our colleagues’ favourite job perks is not getting bored even after 5 years with us!

Moreover, we are stubborn in doing things by the book – be it code writing or employee treatment. Like-minded people will really appreciate this.

We are a charismatic bunch, so beware! You will experience that “I really want to go to work” feeling!

Here’s what you will do:

  • Design and specification:
    • Write specification and design for simple to moderate project features
    • Notice and signal all risks threatening the implementation phase
    • Express technical ideas in both speech and writing with the utmost skill
  • Implementation
    • Independently implement, test and debug complex project features
    • Leverage your know-how to create and execute software test plans, including unit test plans
  • Processes
    • Come up with ideas to improve any software development process
    • Put to work your expert skills in using tools, programming and debugging techniques
  • Bug fixing
    • Apply your curiosity to identify and analyse root causes
    • Use your problem solving skills to help fix complex project bugs
  • Technical documentation:
    • Document all project features based on project specifications
  • Customer support:
    • Autonomously install and integrate developed software at customer site
    • Provide support on all project features
    • Demonstrate your confidence in offering support for software not developed by yourself

Here’s what it takes to get here:

  • You have 3+ years of full-time work experience in an IT company after graduation
  • You are so good at Java, you have SQL knowledge and Unix/Linux environment programming experience. Add C/C++ and you’ll make us cheer.
  • Your experience also includes:
    • High performance systems and computer communication protocols
    • Systematic software development methodologies
    • Customer-facing interactions
    • Continuous Integration and Deployment related tools (DevOps)
    • Experience with M&S related activities (for example, addressing tickets in the signed-off SLA)


To apply for this position, please send us your CV at:

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