System Architect – Team Lead

As System Architect, you will analyze customer requirements to produce architectures, concepts, and technical designs for software systems.

Why should you consider joining our team?

Well, we constantly adapt to the modern ways of working. If your professional development is a key focus, you’ll be glad to hear that we are sharp technology adopters. You’ll learn a lot from company-paid trainings, as well as from our experienced team and from our very diverse international projects. One of our colleagues’ favorite job perks is not getting bored even after 5 years with us! Moreover, we are stubborn in doing things by the book – be it code writing or employee treatment. Likeminded people will really appreciate this. We are a charismatic bunch, so beware! You will experience that “I really want to go to work” feeling! 😊

Here’s what you will do

  • Analyze customer requirements and existing system architecture
  • Prepare concept specifications, architecture specifications and discuss those with the customer to find the best solution
  • Review and prepare implementation effort estimates
  • Review technical project and non-project documentation
  • Have a wide and deep knowledge of R Systems’ systems and their alternatives at a technical level Find solutions for difficult technical problems
  • Attend project meetings (telephone and in person) internally, offsite, and onsite with customer
  • Ensure that defects and non-conformities are reported and resolved according to the management procedures
  • Ensure that the company’s management procedures are followed
  • Assist in the continuous improvement of the management procedures
  • Help to disseminate technical expertise within R Systemse

Main goals and objectives you will be targeting

  • Ensure that R Systems’ system architectures are documented in a clear, comprehensive, concise and non contradictory way considering customer’s requirements and legacy systems
  • Maintain comprehensive knowledge of R Systems’ technologies and systems and their alternatives
  • Deliver system architectures that correspond to customer’s technical, performance and budgetary expectations and timescales
  • Deliver system architectures that lend themselves to efficient realization
  • On average system architecture containing 50 pages takes 10 days’ effort to produce
    90% of system architecture documents have no non-conformities reported at the development phase and never in the testing phase or later
  • Customer feedback for “technical concept” is good or excellent for 80% of projects and never below satisfactory

Here’s what it takes to get here

  • Ability to design and implement Cloud & DC technology solutions utilizing OpenStack and others.
  • Ability to lead client engagements, RFP responses, develop service offerings, and participate in pre-sales process including the development of proposals and estimates.
  • Ability to identify relevant specific components and interfaces needed for a cloud infrastructure & virtualization platform
  • Ability to spin up POCs and customer demos quickly based on customer requirements for new features fine tune technical solution to real world production deployment identifying external interfaces to OSS/BSS
  • Ability to handle commercial deployment and planning aspects such as auto deployment, configuration management, disaster recovery, backup and restore
  • End to end architectural know how on OpenStack and RHEL OS & Linux components
  • Experience in product development of applications and web services
  • Thorough understanding of “cloud” technologies, market trends and ecosystem
  • Extensive knowledge and expertise of security (optional) and enterprise architecture
  • Ability to “think on your feet” in order to address new and changing environments
  • Experience with strategic consulting/extremely comfortable managing client relationships and project expectations
  • Ability to produce detailed design documents with little guidance and hand off to engineers to validate
  • Excellent written skills
  • Self-starter and team player attitude
  • Deep and wide cloud technology experience in customer facing setting
  • Documentation:
    Experience with requirements gathering (discussing with customer, MS Word, Enterprise Architect/other tools, Markdown, Cucumber/BDD/ATDD, other), requirements traceability to code/tests (traceability matrix Excel, Enterprise
    Architect/JIRA plugins/TestLink/other tools, Cucumber/BDD, doxygen/Javadoc, other), high level and low-level design documents – (MS Word, UML tools, Markdown, other), managing traceability of design with code, code review.
  • Testing:
    Experience with writing/reviewing test plans, managing communication between DEV and QA, Unit testing, automation of functional/integration tests (JMeter, ruby/perl/pyton/groovy/other, Selenium Webdriver, Cucumber/BDD, Robot framework, other), setting up a Continuous Integration pipeline (Jenkins, gitlab-CI, etc.)
  • Repository:
    Experience with version control (svn, git, etc), branching and merging strategies
  • Design/Architecture:
    Experience with designing software systems, expected to explain in detail at least one project, experience with designing at least one highly scalable and fault tolerant system, regardless of the exact technologies used:
    • scaling RDBMSs: MySQL, Postgresql, Oracle
    • noSql: Cassandra/MongoDB
    • In-memory: Redis
    • Search: Elasticsearch, Solr
    • Queues: Kafka, RabbitMQ
    • Distributed batching, streaming: Hadoop, Spark, Storm, Hazelcast, Kafka Streams
    • Linux/Unix is also a must
  • Programming/projects:
    Experience with programming medium to large projects in at least one mainstream development stack (C/C++, Java Spring/J2EE, nodejs, other), and experience with more than one stack is most welcome.
  • Real time programming:
    Experience with throughput and latency requirements that are not necessarily hard to meet, but candidate should have awareness about performance requirements. Experience with multi-threading issues/challenges
  • Telecom domain experience is a must. Willingness to acquire knowledge of new telco related protocols/components/architectures is required.
  • Experience with customer facing presales and support activities, being the “technical person” in customer meetings.
  • Experience with infrastructure and deployment automation with at least one technology: Docker containers, container orchestration Swarm/Kubernates, automatically provisioning virtual machines and other infrastructure (networks, storage) OpenStack/AWS/digitalocean with Vagrant/HOT or other tools automation tools Chef/Ansible, even custom in-house tools although not preferred.


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