Increase efficiency, speed and reliability in managing correspondence flows



Digital Mailroom is an intuitive document management solution that enables organizations to record, assign and trigger due dates for documents. It allows for fast upload and registration of documents, along with a track record of every received or submitted document and 24/7 information availability from anywhere.


R Systems Digital Mailroom: a Microsoft Azure based, user-friendly application that ensures the availability of critical information at the point of need


  • OPTIMIZE THE CORRESPONDENCE MANAGEMENT PROCESS – from organization and notifications to reminders and availability

  • SPEED UP PROCESSES like data entry and submission of documents to key stakeholders

  • TRANSFORM MANUAL DOCUMENT PROCESSES into efficient, seamless digital delivery flows

  • ELIMINATE ERRORS in correspondence allocation and follow up tasks

Why choose R Systems Digital Mailroom?


Avoid delays caused by the allocation and submission of physical correspondence​


Eliminate bottlenecks in business flows caused by missed due dates for specific payments.


Ensure email notifications are never missed by stakeholders during high workload periods ​


View and organize high volumes of documents, and access them from anywhere, anytime

R Systems Digital Mailroom - the go to solution for correspondence management

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About R Systems

R Systems is a global technology services company, helping scale-ups and enterprises in their digital transformation. Our goal is to accelerate our clients’ digital leadership, and our clients choose to partner with us for Cloud transformation, automation, data science, analytics, and product engineering, thanks to our technical expertise, domain knowledge, global presence and a record of delivering world-class solutions consistently for over 28 years.

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