November 7 – 11 2022 | Romania

Get an Amazing New Job & 2,000 Eur bonus in less than 48h

You’ve got this! No need for long and pointless job interviews.

Apply before November 7, 2022 and join us for the Fast Track Hiring Week, exclusively in Romania. Choose your preferred timeslot and schedule your interviews with us in one run. On top of it, you can receive a job offer from us within 48h of your interview. If you accept the offer within the next 48h, and then join R Systems, you will receive an entry bonus of net EUR 2,000*.


Join our global team of 4,000+ engineers



Apply via a simple online form and choose the timeslot that suits you best. One of our recruiters will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your participation.


Online interview

Have your online interviews, in a single run. The session will include the HR, technical and management interview.



Within 48 hours, based on the results of your interviews, you may receive an offer to join our team. If you accept our offer within the next 48 hours, and then join R Systems, you’ll be eligible for the 2,000 Eur entry bonus*.

6 recruiters, technical experts and line managers available

all looking forward to e-meeting you. If you want to find out more before you apply, we’re just a click away.


We welcome you into the R Systems team with a *2,000 Eur net entry bonus. And this is not all: you’ll enjoy all the R Systems benefits from day one. 

  • extensive programs for technical certifications, trainings and continuous development
  • free unlimited access to Udemy platform
  • up to 5 free days per year for training
  • paid study holiday for bachelor students

Flexible hours and long-term remote work policy

  • 24 holidays/year and  additional day for every year in R Systems (starting the 4th year)
  • free days to replace public holidays that fall on weekends
  • 3 free days per year no questions asked

Refer your techie friends to the team and get up to 2,000 Eur referral bonus

  • Seniority awards rewarding long-time professional contribution
  • Private medical plan including 1st degree relatives
  • Mobile subscription plan and wide range of mobile devices
Apply before 7 November 2022 and schedule your online interview in one go, between November 7 - 11, 2022.


If you receive an employment offer from R SYSTEMS Computaris Europe SRL for one of the above mentioned positions, as a result of the fast lane hiring event and accept the written offer within 48 hours, you are eligible to receive an entry bonus. The bonus payment is net EUR 2,000. The payout will be included in your first paycheck (50%) and at the end of your trial period (50%). Bonuses can be cumulated if you participate in other R SYSTEMS campaigns. 

The above bonuses are subject to repayment in full to R SYSTEMS Computaris Europe SRL should an employee who received it:

  • Submit a termination notice to his/her employment within 12 months his/her employment started.
  • Take a long-term, continuous absence from work of 30 calendar days or more, except for absences beyond the control or influence of the employee.
  • Candidates who participated in the recruitment process in the last 3 months, and former R SYSTEMS Computaris Europe SRL employees who resigned on or after January 1, 2022, are not eligible for the bonuses outlined in this campaign.

R SYSTEMS Computaris Europe SRL reserves the right to change or end the program at any time without previous notice.

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