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R Systems Golang Accelerator is a paid training job for C# and Python developers to boost their skills and work with the innovative and trendy Golang technology. Whether you’re based in Poland, Romania or Moldova, your talent, enthusiasm and eagerness to learn are welcome onboard!

You’ll get to work in Scrum on AWS environment alongside native English speakers, our own team of Go Lang experts and, especially, Greg, the Go gopher.

Why join us?

For the learning and career development opportunity

Because – like us – you will actually like it here

There's never a boring moment! 5 years later after joining R Systems, there’s always a new project to work on, new clients and new technologies to try. I love change and this fits me perfectly.
Sylwia Parafianowicz
QA Engineer

For the bunch of like-minded people doing cool things together

Golang in a nutshell

Trending language
Built with Go
International Go community
Go is fast and easy to learn
Go provides an easy concurrency​
You don't need to learn hundreds of clever variations on how to write the same code in shorter syntax. It is also very easy to get because it consists only of 25 keywords and has a lot of built in instruments.
Vasile Cotoros
Software Engineer
Provides easy concurrency features, such as groutines, and communication between them using channels.
Razvan Petre
Software Engineer

Starting a web service that handles one endpoint using gin framework in Golang with Vasile Cotoros

Your Golang training agenda

Introduction to Go and theory courses
Week 1-2 40%
Practical Go training under supervision of our Golang experts
Week 3-6 90%
Final assessment and you are good to Go
Week 6 100%

Golang with us and Greg, the Go gopher! Continue your long-term employment with R Systems, as Golang Engineer working on major projects for some of the biggest brands.

Join if

You are a Python, C# or Java developer

You have experience of at least 3 years in a commercial development environment

You have experience with cloud technologies such as AWS, Google or Azure

You have good knowledge of SQL and/or NoSQL database technologies

Join here

Apply by filling in the contact form below. Our recruitment team will get back to you to set up an initial HR interview call and guide you through the rest of the selection process, including online assessments and technical discussions.

Who we are as a company

R Systems is a global technology and analytics services company. We help our clients achieve speed-to-market, overcome digital barriers, and create business value with our specialized service offerings and consultative business approach.

We speak the language of business as fluently as we do the language of technology. In other words: We speak Digital. Our goal: accelerate our clients’ digital leadership.

For almost 30 years in the telecom and technology industry, we have successfully delivered over 1000 complex, high-stake projects to more than 100 operators worldwide, supporting them throughout the 2G to 5G evolution.

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