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Impressions and trends from Mobile World Congress 2022

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Nokia Exclusive Executive Briefing

In the aftermath of Mobile World Congress 2022, R Systems organized this unique executive briefing and networking event for Nokia, where we shared and discussed the main telecom and enterprise network infrastructure trends with Forrester Principal Analyst Dan Bieler.

The Context

According to Forrester research, most organizations’ top 3 priorities for the year ahead are growing revenue, providing a better customer experience and improving their products and services. In terms of technology, companies are focusing on Cloud computing, AI, automation and security.

At the same time, consumers’ and business customers’ expectations from connectivity-based solutions are changing. What do these trends mean for carrier and equipment vendors, in the near future? Which strategies and transformations should they pursue to keep up with rapidly evolving markets and demands?

The Insights

Watch this exclusive recorded session with Forrester Principal Telecom Analyst Dan Bieler and R Systems Regional Director Kishore Meda to learn about:
You will also hear the thoughts and insights of other Nokia executives and experts who attended this special event.



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Tech trends and highlights from MWC 2022 with Forrester Principal Analyst Dan Bieler

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Kishore Meda

Kishore Meda

Regional Director, R Systems - UK

Kishore has helped customers navigate the multiple iterations of Digital Transformation, embracing web technologies, accelerating product launches, omni-channel, public cloud transformation and AI/ML as strategic differentiator. His experience spans from start-ups to scale-ups to enterprises, that has taken him to many countries and a deep appreciation of cultural nuances. He is still looking for someone to explain blockchain in a manner that sticks!

Dan Bieler

Dan Bieler

Principal Analyst, Forrester

Dan serves CIOs and strategy leaders by guiding them through the challenges of business transformation. Dan helps define strategies that deliver business benefits from new digital business models and drive sustainable innovation. Dan's particular focus is on the employee experience, the future of work, innovation, cultural transformation, and the subscription business model. Dan is also an expert in the key technologies underpinning digital platforms, such as the internet of things (IoT), mobile technologies, and social collaboration technologies. Dan guides CIOs and their teams to unlock the opportunities of emerging technologies.

About R Systems

R Systems is a global technology services company, helping scale-ups and enterprises in their digital transformation. Our goal is to accelerate our clients’ digital leadership, and our clients choose to partner with us for Cloud transformation, automation, data science, analytics, and product engineering, thanks to our technical expertise, domain knowledge, global presence and a record of delivering world-class solutions consistently for over 28 years.

With a global workforce of 3,800+ employees spread across 16 delivery-centers and 26 offices, we continue to empower organizations with cutting-edge technologies.

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