Unlock better levels of citizen service and deploy secure remote work in 24h

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Lead your city towards digitization by maintaining workforce continuity with Secure Digital Workspace. The transition from in-person to online platforms service models does not have to be a burden.
Designed to help you offer the same level of citizen service from any location, Secure Digital Workspace can enhance efficiency and productivity for your employees, foster greater levels of collaboration and reduce costs.
With over 95% of organization worldwide stating digital workplaces as a top priority and the European Commission pledging for e-government implementation, a turnkey solution for enabling remote work is becoming a must for public administration efficiency and agility.

Secure Digital Workspace

Secure Digital Workspace is powered by Microsoft Azure, providing safe access to internal applications and IT resources for all your employees, in less than 24 hours.

Fully customizable to your specific needs, Secure Digital Workspace can help you achieve:

Better citizen services

With the same Windows-like experience from any device, remote work can boost employee productivity by 13%*

Easy deployment

Quick and simple access to internal resources and apps for the city employees or third-parties

Secure access

All Azure built-in security and compliance features while connecting to desktops from anywhere with internet access

Cost savings

No upfront financial commitments and monthly payments depending on the actual capacity consumption

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About R Systems

  • European division of global digital transformation leader R Systems Group
  • 25+ years of experience in technology and telecom and 2,700+ experts worldwide 
  • 1,000+ projects successfully delivered to more than 100 global clients through 16 technology centers and 25+ offices across the globe

*  “Does Working From Home Work?” – Stanford study coordinated by Nicholas Bloom on over 16k employees, 2018.

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