You’re one of the millions using smartphones.

Be one in a million
and code to make the networks tick.

Put your tech knowledge to test for a chance to win a Network Attached Storage.

Put your tech knowledge to test for a chance to win a Network Attached Storage!

Is technology your thing? Do you have an interest in CI/CD workflows, microservices-based architecture and modern development techs? This quiz is for you!
NAS prize
To sign up for the prize:
  1. answer all the questions to the best of your knowledge but within the span of 100 words to each question. Points are given for each relevant keyword touched upon in your answer.
  2. provide your answers in English (or else they’re not considered).
  3. remember to send your answers before March 23, 2021, 6.00pm EET
  4. provide accurate contact details so we can reach you in case you’re selected winner.

The winner will be selected on March 26, 2021, and contacted directly to hand over the prize. The winner will also be announced publicly on this page only with his/her explicit consent.

Good luck to all!

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  • R Systems is a global digital transformation leader that provides AI-driven solutions to clients across industries, through a broad range of technology & AI/analytics services.
  • empowering organizations since over 27 years, with 16 delivery centers (including UK, Romania, Poland, Switzerland, Moldova), 25+ offices worldwide and a workforce of 2750+ professionals.
  • 1,000+ projects successfully delivered to more than 100 global clients such as:
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