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pair of Apple AirPods.

Is technology your thing? Do you have an interest in modern software development with Java as the project tech backbone? This quiz is for you!

Answer 10 fun and pun questions but keep in mind: technology is our safe haven and humor is a way of honoring it. 
Line up for the Tech Logo Run and for a chance to win a pair of Apple AirPods. 
Here’s what you’ll have to do:
  1. answer all 10 questions correctly;
  2. submit the quiz answers before November 6, 2020, 6.00pm EET;
  3. provide accurate contact details so we can reach you in case you’re selected winner.
Participants who have checked all three conditions above will enter the random draw for the contest prize winner.
The winner will be announced on November 9, 2020 and contacted directly to hand over the prize. The winner will also be announced publicly on this page only with his/her explicit consent.
Good luck to all!
Later edit: The winner of our quiz is Lucian I.! Congratulations to the winner as well as to all participants who took on the challenge! It’s been exciting to have so many tech passionates joining and we hope to see you again for our next contests.


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