Elixir – Why is it a “must” in your programming repertoire? 


How do you make yourself stand out in a sea of tech talent? While there are many answers to this question, Elixir is one of the “must do’s” in your programming career.

Created with the principle of Erlang, Elixir is best defined by scalability, fault tolerance and functional programming. Social media giants already started to use it.

Take a sip of Elixir on March 24th, you might just get into it!

Join the webinar if you are interested to learn more about: Elixir, Function language, Actor model, Erlang Virtual Machine, Lightweight concurrency.


Alexei Melnic
ALEXEI MELNIC – System Architect with over 7-year experience in IT projects and expertise in Java, Elixir, JavaScript programming language (using frameworks like Spring, Camel, Phoenix, React + Redux), migration servers, web-service development, unit and automation testing.

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Register for the webinar

Date: Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Time: 4.00pm EET/ 3.00pm CET

Where: Webex online presentation 

Duration: 1 hour

Notice: The Webex link to the live webinar will be e-mailed to the emaill address provided in the registration form above. Please make sure that the email address is valid and check your Inbox and Spam/Junk folders for the confirmation and webinar link.
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