R Systems Reinvent Series:

Exclusive Wine Tasting & Peer Networking

12 November 2021, 16:00 UK  

What to expect

End your Friday and your week in a relaxing environment and with friendly company.

R Systems is inviting you to a special wine tasting tour where we’ll share with you the story that unites our delivery centers in Romania and Moldova, as told by renowned wine expert and book author, Marinela Ardelean.

Get your calendar booked for an evening of stories, award-winning wines from our European locations and networking.



16.00 - 16.10


16.00 - 16.10

16.10 - 16.20

2021 in Review

The resource crunch, hybrid working, AI and more

16.10 - 16.20

16.20 - 17.20

Happy Hour

Embark on a unique wine tasting experience, guided by stories of exquisite wines and wineries of Romania and Moldova.

16.20 - 17.20


Your 2022 predictions & networking

Inviting you to continue the conversation with an enlarged perspective of future opportunities, business value and innovation!


Special guest

Marinela Ardelean

Marinela Ardelean

Wine critic, author and consultant

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