Accelerating digital transformation with software R&D centers in Eastern Europe

The new digital era in the IT business is changing market behavior rapidly and companies are realizing the benefits of implementing digital technologies that help them to improve their business performance and deliver superior services to their customers.

Gartner predicts that, by 2025, every industry will be transformed by digital business and the right levels of investments in the right emerging technologies at the right time are crucial for creating and capturing the most value from them.
Meanwhile, the paradigm has shifted from a cost-oriented industry to a quality-oriented one. Clients are more inclined to choose a provider with reasonable and competitive rates for their region, ensuring high-quality processes and deliverables – which will ultimately create cost savings in other areas.

Read this whitepaper to explore the drivers, trends and paradigms of the technology market in Eastern Europe with focus on the benefits of setting up software R&D centers to accelerate the digital transformation of virtually any business.


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