Cloud services are at the core of digital transformation allowing businesses to gain rapid innovation, cost optimization, closer customer connection and smooth transition from data to decision. 

We enable enterprises to fully capitalize on the opportunities presented by the cloud and attain service quality, agility, and cost savings while creating new business scenarios. 



Redesign of legacy apps
User experience
Custom design
Front end technologies


Infrastructure as a Service
Platform as a Service
App transformation
Process redesign
Complementary services


Deploy work-from-home solutions in less than 24h and enable quick and secure access to internal apps and resources for all employees.

Healthcare service providers need to improve patient – doctor communication and enable Electronic Health Record adoption. 

The solution enables remote online consultations in a safe environment, while providing speedy access to medical services and secure access to patients’ info and data.

Suitable for : medical clinics, hospitals, doctors.

Technical details: cloud ready solution, no upfront hardware costs, 24×7 technical support.

Retailers need to increase client spending, encourage repeat visits and attract new customers.

Voucher management as a service works as a digital reward app, enabling easy, fast and convenient loyalty programs and ultimately new customer acquisition and sales growth. 

Suitable for: coffee shops, retailers, travel agencies, etc.

Technical details: cloud ready solution, no upfront hardware costs, no IT complexity.

Online stores and retailers need to drive effective promotions and higher conversion rates.

Cloud for retail brings all your data into one platform to surface retail specific insights, helping you understand behavior and improve the experience of your consumers.

The solution can reduce the runtime of complex queries from minutes and hours to only seconds.

  • Identify trends to predict behavior
  • Evaluate Customer Lifetime Value to monitor performance
  • Predict product affinities
  • Identify trends to predict behavior

To stay relevant and ahead of the competition, companies across industries are prioritizing growth and  speed of innovation over cost.

Hybrid or Edge cloud deployment brings your apps closer to your users and delivers high performance compute with minimal latency and ensure your sites are compliant across diverse locations and are globally accessible.

Benefits include: Centralized configuration management to automate and enforce security policies across environments. 

Protecting company data and IT services is mission critical for companies across verticals. 

The disaster recovery solution provides the capability to make executing full or partial site failover to an off site repository. 

Benefits include: short recovery time, cost reduction, simplicity, visibility and the ability to secure business, an easy, efficient way to get backups offsite to cloud.

  • System health
  • Database
  • Application performance
  • Log analytics / alerting
  • Configuration management
  • Backup/disaster recovery
  • Identity management
  • CI/CD pipelines

  • Automated deployment strategy and implementation

  • Network monitoring system and automated action triggering




  • Externalize backups for on prem infrastructure to cloud (for vSphere, Hyper-V, physical servers and workstations to AWS or Azure)
  • Backup for Office365
  • Long-term retention services

Fully protect on prem IT services on an external cloud location (AWS or Azure)

Why choose us?

25 years in the most digitally mature industries

Delivering mission-critical systems and secure, real-time solutions

Mature quality processes

Global delivery model

Partner with major cloud providers: Microsoft, AWS, Google

Scalable services

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