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Formerly known as Computaris, the European branch of R Systems is a global digital transformation leader that provides AI-driven solutions to clients across industries, through a broad range of technology & AI/analytics services.

We continue to empower organizations since over 27 years, with 16 delivery centers, 25+ offices worldwide and a workforce of 2750+ professionals. In Europe, R Systems has offices in UK, Romania, Poland, Switzerland and Moldova, providing extensive telecom expertise and digital services
Map of Computaris global offices

Long-term partnerships

R Systems is reputed for solving complex, high stake projects, through a good blend of technical savviness and deep client understanding. We challenge the status quo, explore alternatives and act as business consultants with a strong delivery arm. We are dedicated to long-term partnerships with industry leading players to combine world-class capabilities and deliver innovation in our clients’ digital journeys. Our customers’ testimonials stand as proof for our values and the quality of our work.

Corporate leadership

Leading professionals with vast business and technology expertise, the R Systems management team are committed to create shared value for our clients, partners, shareholders and employees.

Shared group values

In our every endeavour we share the vision, mission and values of the R Systems group we are part of. We deliver creative solutions that untangle complex challenges and lead to innovation, while being caring, innovating and transforming. Our values are also actively supported through our R Systems Integrated Policy Statement and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy.
We care for our employees, customers, investors and all those who are associated with us. We walk the extra mile and nurture our relationships to build an association that is meaningful, long-term, and sustainable.
We stay ahead by embracing innovation in all that we think and do. Our innovation spreads across the entire value chain and includes people, processes, and technologies.
We see ourselves as transformation agents. Our caring and innovation-driven culture seeks to transform individuals, businesses, and society, for the better.

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