Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) is software designed to understand, process and respond to human both voice and written input. Using large amounts of data, machine learning, deep learning, and NLP (Natural Language Processing), Conversational AI can bridge the gap between technology and human interaction, being able to engage quickly with prospects, provide superior customer service and increase sales across digital commerce channels with personalized, 24×7 human-like “virtual assistants.”
Due to their ability to extract, interpret and leverage data, companies are deploying Conversational AI solutions in multiple ways to enhance customer experience, streamline operations and improve overall efficiency.


Customer Support and Assistance
Virtual Advisors​
Knowledge base expansion
Policy and Regulation Analysis
Sentiment Analysis and Customer Feedback​


Multilingual support

Improve productivity and customer experience with Conversational AI Chatbots

customer experience_

Omni-channel customer experience

Conversational agents can be integrated into various popular communication channels, such as phone calls, chat, and social media, delivering a seamless, consistent experience across channels

human interactions_

Enhance user experience

Intelligent conversational agents can understand natural language and customers’ input, generate appropriate responses, and provide relevant information or perform tasks 

continuous improvement_

Continuous insights

Intelligent virtual assistants provide valuable insight into customer interactions, thus helping companies improve their learning models constantly and offer custom services

increase efficiency_

Reduce costs and increase efficiency

Virtual assistants can aggregate information from various data sources (CRM or RPA solutions, SAP, Dynamics etc.), allowing customers to make changes to their account

increase quality_

Eliminate errors and increase quality

Conversational agents can perform analysis and summarization operations, reducing the manual work of human agents and eliminating human errors

R Systems Conversational AI Assistants

R Systems Conversational AI Assistants, based on Microsoft OpenAI, are intelligent virtual assistant which can engage in human-like dialogue to provide real-time customer support by processing and understanding the customer’s input, generate appropriate responses, and perform tasks. 

R Systems Conversational AI assistants come with all the security features embedded in Microsoft OpenAI technology, providing you full ownership of data and a safe and secure enterprise environment. 

With seamless integration across multiple platforms, you can streamline your communication channels and connect with customers via voice (IVR), email, social media platforms, collaboration tools like Teams, and your website. Also our solution offers support for the Romanian language in both voice and text interactions. It also includes document translation services to enhance your knowledge base, enabling accurate language understanding for questions and answers in various languages. 

Our intelligent conversational assistant can be trained to learn data specific to verticals, becoming useful to provide customer support for companies in various industries: 

Meet Victor and Nadia,
the R Systems Conversational AI Assistants

The R Systems Conversational AI assistants functional as virtual customer service agents, using natural verbal or written language to provide answers to the customers’ most frequently asked questions, detecting the speaker’s intention and understanding the context of the discussion and the client’s requests.

Victor and Nadia are trained to understand and reply in Romanian and English, in the specific scenarios of the energy, respectively, telecom business.

Victor, the R Systems Conversational AI assistant for the energy and utilities industry

Victor can provide instant information to real-time customer requests and also help you update contact details (i.e. change your phone number or email address), manage your account (i.e. send index data, change the billing plan, latest invoices), or submit ticket support/complaint request.

Demo in Romanian

Nadia, the R Systems Conversational AI assistant for the telecom industry

Nadia is here to help you with information about your landline or mobile data, voice services and information about your account. She can also assist you in emergency situations to open a support ticket, suspend the number in case of theft or change personal information in your customer account

Demo in English

Victor, the R Systems Conversational AI assistant for the healthcare industry

Demo in Romanian

Victor, the R Systems Conversational AI assistant for the automotive industry

Demo in Romanian

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