Our offering in the area of healthcare IT services and software development includes end-to-end innovative and integrated solutions for healthcare providers, health plan companies, biotech and medical device companies.

Extensive expertise across the healthcare ecosystem


  • Clinical knowledge management
  • Patient care solution
  • Global clinical services
  • Provider network management
  • Analytics & dashboards


  • Clinical & non-clinical systems
  • Integrated EHR/EMR
  • Practice management system
  • e-Prescription & billing system
  • Patient/physician portals

Life science

  • Clinical data management & analytics​
  • CRM/ sales force solutions​
  • Behavioural health management​
  • Quality assurance​


Our healthcare services

Product engineering

  • Healthcare payer CRM​
  • Clinical knowledge management​
  • Portal for self-service, health management, agent self-service​
  • Enrolment & claim processing automation​

Digital services

  • Intelligent process automation
  • m-Health application
  • Data analytics & dashboard solution
  • Cloud based solution
  • Digital managed services

Regulatory compliance

  • HIPAA, EDI compliance
  • ICD-9 to ICD-10
  • Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)
  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP)
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
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Smart Virtual Clinic Solution

Our smart virtual clinic solution is a ready-made cloud tool that allows patients and doctors to interact through digital means and have e-consultations, create and share medical records remotely yet in a secure environment. 

Smart Virtual Clinic complements existing health systems (hospital information system, clinical information system or any electronic health records system) and stands as an easy-to-use, interactive digital channel for both doctors and patients.

Potential use cases

Skip urgent trips for everyday care:speak with a family doctor, connect with a dermatologist or find another specialist​.

Helpful services to support a healthy life: talk to a dietitian and get help with staying healthy or managing a health condition like diabetes or high blood pressure​.

Access a wide range of medical specialists, interact with them in a secure and managed way, and review the quality of medical services.

Get a second opinion from specialists if you have questions about a diagnosis, treatment, or the need for surgery​.

Follow-up care, ongoing patient care, prescription and treatment management​.

Talk to a pediatrician, get an expert medical opinion or find a specific doctor.

Screenings, check-ups, monitoring and coordinating treatment, and patient education.

Talk to a therapist or psychiatrist specialist from wherever you feel the most comfortable.

Solution features and roles


  • Remote access to medical services 
  • Electronic health records management (add/remove/share)
  • Setting-up online appointments & e-payment
  • e-consultations
  • Doctor reviews


  • Calendar management
  • Appointments management
  • Access to patient medical records
  • e-consultations
  • Reputation management (patients’ evaluations)

Medical clinic

  • User management (patients & doctors accounts)
  • Calendar management
  • Appointments management
  • Access to patient medical records
  • Reputation management (patients’ evaluations)


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