With over 10+ years of exhaustive experience in IPTV, DVB, OTT, UI(HTML/ROKU), Android TV platforms, we have a rich experience in providing end-to-end digital media software development to global independent software vendors, system integrators and communication providers.



Our portfolio of services in media and entertainment includes product engineering, design, development and testing, system integration, deployment and support, with focus areas in cloud-thin clients, back-end, microservices, BCM, ALI, Sigma chips, speech and text analytics.

Technology expertise

Our competencies in digital media platforms and mobile applications (Nokia Symbian, Google Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile) are based on our technology skills in cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, VMWare), mobile platforms and Unix/Windows operating systems.
In two decades of experience in real-time communications, we have built a global perspective on the industry and a team of more than 750 SME and technology specialists.

From our design centers based in Romania, Moldova and India, we have successfully delivered over 200 projects and more than 70 operators worldwide, cummulating more than 5,000 person years of experience.


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