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Magenta Telekom, previously known as T-Mobile Austria, ranked as the number 1 operator in the 2019 Mobile Network Test in Austria and we acknowledge R Systems’ contribution to our achievement. With their support, in 2018 we successfully managed to develop and introduce voice over LTE for our customers (…) From development and testing to complex integrations, solution enhancements and seamless service transitions, R Systems has been a reliable business partner suggesting effective ideas, approaches and technical solutions.

Vanja Gailberger – Vice President Core Networks

Logo of Swisscom, Computaris partner

I like working with R Systems, they are technically very capable and flexible. If I am looking for a good quality/price ratio, R Systems is among the best. Others may be cheaper, but not at the same quality and level of competence.

Lorenz Ruosch – Partner Manager

GMB Technology Computaris partner

On behalf of GMB TECHNOLOGY we are very proud to be business partners of R Systems. Outstanding professionals and outstanding people!

Alejandro Ramirez Neira Ruosch – COO and Vicepresident

computaris partners: digitalroute

They are very consistent and easy to work with because they have rightly skilled people with similar profiles. They understand both network and IT. Most companies are good in either, not both. In our world, we are living between IT and network. They have this sweet spot just where we would like it to be. They amassed a good know-how of our products, which means we have a smooth relationship, we don’t need to explain things to them; they know quite early in the process what to do.

Robert Sie – Sales Director


They are knowledgeable. They know both software development and the industry very well.

Kim Bybjerg – Vice President, Head of Continental Europe

Logo of Sicap, valuable partner of Computaris

For me, interacting with R Systems is pretty close to interacting with our own people. We rely on them for almost everything, even the architecture of our product. And they are very reliable when it comes to solving problems – if things go wrong, they always pull through.

Thomas Vontz – former Chief Executive Officer

Logo of Swisscom, Computaris partner

R Systems has a lot of know-how concentrated around online charging & prepaid; not only do they have a lot of knowledge and experience in this area but also in the adjacent domains of mobile telecoms. A lot of companies claim to have this, but R Systems has proven it.

John Bonne – Head of Online Rating and Mediation Department

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Our expertise, flexibility and customer-centric mindset blend in with each of the projects we deliver. We keep in sight our clients’ business objectives and find the means to achieve them as our own.



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