R Systems understands that protecting and preserving the environment is central to achieving sustainable development and creating a better world for all today and for future generations. At R Systems we believe that we have got accountability to the future. This policy sets the general framework for R Systems’ long-term approach and involvement in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs addressing the needs of local communities, people and businesses.

Our Vision

As a responsible corporate citizen R Systems acknowledges the company’s role and duty to improve and create sustainable solutions for the community`s most pressing needs related to education and environment. The mission, vision and values of the organization clearly reflect its commitment, not only to direct stakeholders but also to the community. We are committed to empower people to drive technological innovation, create shared value and develop a sustainable society for future generations. Our caring and innovation-driven culture seeks to transform individuals, businesses and communities for the better.

Our Goals

The aim of our CSR is to create pathways for positive change and take responsibility for the well-being of the wider society.


This policy applies to our company and its subsidiaries. It may also refer to suppliers and partners.

Our Objectives

  • to demonstrate commitment to the mutual good through responsible business practices and good governance
  • to engender a sense of compassion and equity among employees of R Systems to motivate them to give back to the society
  • to set high standards of quality in the delivery of our services by creating strong processes and replicable models
  • to actively support and be part of the state’s development agenda to ensure sustainable change

Our Focus Areas

  • Employees
    Offering a human resources development method that supports the careers of employees and a self-development support program to create an environment in which people from all backgrounds can fully realize their potential. We reflect employee feedback into management decision-making and enhancement of the workplace.
    Encouraging initiatives for the support of the professional safety and health management system.
    Nurturing an inclusive and diverse culture which fosters innovation, creativity, and collaboration.
    Implementing measures to enable employees to achieve a good work-life balance as flexible work schedule, special leave program, paternity leaves, services and conveniences.
  • Education
    Ensuring access and quality of education, foster development through creating infrastructure and promote scholarships/fellowships to deserving students.
  • Environment
    Supporting projects that focus on conservation of the environment, encourage use of renewable energy, support environmental sustainability, proper waste management and preserve balance of ecology.
  • Social support
    Supporting employees to conduct social contribution and promote this attitude across the market in which we operate.

R Systems will strive to achieve excellence in managing the environment in the area of operations by:

  • Comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which R Systems subscribes and which relate to its environmental aspects, and take measures to check and prevent pollution.
  • Encouraging suppliers to deliver products/services with a minimal negative impact on the environment and adopt safe practices in the cycle from production to delivery.
  • Integrating Environmental considerations into the areas of our operations and considering environmental risks, responsibilities, and organizational capabilities.
  • Reducing our ecological footprints by utilizing the natural and manmade resources in an optimal and responsible manner and ensure the sustainability of resources by 3R Philosophy – Reducing, Reusing and Recycling.
  • Use energy-efficient and environment-friendly technologies and assess the environmental damage and bear the cost of pollution abatement with due regard to the public interest.
  • Educate, train, and motivate employees to carry out tasks in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Encourage environmental protection among suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Commit itself to the continual improvement of environmental performance.
  • Report its environmental performance, including the assessment of potential environmental risks associated with its operations, to the stakeholders in a fair and transparent manner.

From a general point of view, our policy is to act in a socially responsible manner, taking into account relevant social and environmental factors, and promote this attitude across the market in which we operate.

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