Cloud Roadmap Assessment

Migrating to cloud is a thoughtful business decision and it represents a step forward in your digitalization process. We are sharing with you one of our assessment tools to help you better understand your current position and your future needs.

Key questions your enterprise must consider before initializing the cloud transformation journey.

  1. Have you identified future state operating model for cloud?
  2. Have you established a DevOps practice to deliver & manage cloud-based services?
  3. Is IT ready for cloud adoption?
  4. Is the sponsor, manager & executives assigned for the cloud adoption project?
  5. Do you have the business reason & use case to move to the cloud?
  6. Have you architected a baseline AWS account structure?
  7. Do you have a strong understanding of operating securely in the cloud?
Infographic AWS migration hub R Systems - Computaris
R Systems Cloud Readiness Assessment
Scope (what we’ll do):
  1. Detailed migration path for cloud
  2. Best practices to be adopted
  3. 3-4 weeks of assessment time
  4. Identification of components, customization & new features
  5. Information management & reporting
  6. Minimal client time requirement
Deliverables (what you’ll get):
  1. Value proposition for the cloud movement
  2. Assessment of existing system – Functional & Technical
  3. New business processes & technical opportunities in transitioning to cloud
  4. Cloud enablement risk assessment
  5. Suggested roadmap
  6. Cost, timeline & ROI statement
  7. Information management and reporting
Now that we’ve challenged you a bit, we think you are ready for a real talk. Register below and get a free 30 minutes session with our consultants to dive-in deeper and extend the assessment.


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