Our client Magenta ranked as the 2020 best network operator in Austria

Our client Magenta (formerly T-Mobile Austria) has been ranked for the second year in a row as the best network operator in Austria in 2020. Magenta received the overall grading “outstanding” in “The Great 2020 Mobile Network Tests”.

Magenta Telekom was awarded “Best Network in Austria” in 2019, a key role in this success being played by the operator’s progress in voice over LTE technology with specialized support from R Systems (press release and testimonial available here).

In the 2020 analysis conducted by connect and network testing partner umlaut, Magenta took the overall win in Austria, obtaining the best results both in the voice and in the data category.

According to the report, “the measurement values clearly emphasize that all three main operators in Austria have been supporting and continuously expanded the fast and high-quality voice telephony via VoLTE (Voice over LTE) since 2018. Especially Magenta convinces with very short call setup times. Their average was well below one second – not only in the big cities, bus also in smaller towns and on the connecting roads.” In terms of data connections, convincing results can also be seen in the data measurements, while “Magenta is one step ahead in this respect with the recent rollout of 4CA in its LTE network”.

As business and development partners of Magenta Telekom with solid VoLTE and telecom service development know-how, R Systems is committed to support its customer’s success and is dedicated to enhance growth and innovation through expert technology and people.

Find out more about how we can help you in this area. Check out our project case studies or get in touch with us at marketing@eu.rsystems.com.

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