R Systems contributes to Magenta Telekom’s top ranking for the best network in 2019

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Magenta Telekom (previously T-Mobile Austria) has been awarded “Best Network in Austria” in 2019 after passing the two most important network endurance tests by prominent industry magazines Connect and Chip. A key role in this success was played by the operator’s significant progress in voice over LTE technology. With specialized support from R Systems, Magenta Telekom introduced VoLTE for its customers in 2018 and is planning to extend it to business clients as well in 2019.

As voice also turns into data in the LTE age, by implementing VoLTE technology, Magenta Telekom offers its customers significant advantages over conventional telephony. Users can benefit from faster connections, high definition of voice quality without noise and distortion and extended life of the smartphone battery. VoLTE eliminates the need to change over from the data to the voice network and vice versa and hence reduces the power requirement of the phone. In addition, users can continue to navigate or use Internet services during a call and also enjoy improved quality of indoor reception.

R Systems’ support in the project is based on its solid expertise with VoLTE technology and the long-term partnership for the development and maintenance of the operator’s Service Delivery Platform. The platform handles over 10 different services for the customers and service development involves a large range of technologies such as Metaswitch/OpenCloud Rhino, JSLEE, MySQL Cluster, Signalware, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Spring Framework, Apache Camel and Kamailio load balancer – with which R Systems experts have a wide experience. R Systems is also developing the automated testing suites to support the verification of regression throughout the entire testing. The introduction of VoLTE in the operator’s network required complex integration, introducing various new interfaces and ensuring that the solution works properly with all network elements. Going forward, joint efforts are focused into extending the service to business customers and expanding the solution to work with new architecture while making the service transition seamless to the end user.

Throughout the project R Systems has been a reliable business partner suggesting effective ideas, approach and technical solutions.

Vanja Gailberger - Magenta Telekom Austria VP Core NetworksAccording to Vanja Gailberger, Magenta Telekom Vice President Core Networks: “By ensuring high performance of the service platform and increased quality of voice service, R Systems provided valuable support in the VoLTE implementation project and contributed to Magenta Telekom’s top ranking in the 2019 Mobile Network Test in Austria.”

“The recognition of Magenta Telekom as the number 1 operator in Austria for the top quality of its network reinforces our belief that our success lies in our clients’ success. We are proud to have contributed to this achievement and we remain committed to our mission to enable our clients to grow and innovate through expert technology and people”, Raluca Rusu, R Systems Chief Executive Officer.

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