30 students enrolled in the R Systems Programming Academy

R Systems is rolling out the “Programming Academy” giving 30 junior and student programmers the opportunity to start and develop a successful career in technology and telecommunications.

The “Programming Academy” is a 2-month internship program taking place during July-September 2019 in 5 R Systems development centers in Romania, Poland and Moldova.

„The Programming Academy is part of our strategy to invest in developing top industry talent inside the company as well as among young programmers at the start of their professional careers. In the previous internship programs we succeeded to identify high-potential candidates who continued their engagement with the company as long term employees and delivered excellent performance”, said Bogdan Tudan, Chief Operating Officer R Systems and initiator of the “Programming Academy” project.

The 30 participants were selected from among students and fresh graduates of computer science, mathematics, electronics and telecommunications faculties from some of the most prestigious universities in Bucharest, Galati, Warsaw, Bialystok and Chisinau.

Under the coordination of dedicated mentors, the “Academy” interns have the opportunity to work full time alongside R Systems experts and gain hands-on experience in complex real-life projects. The agenda includes introductory presentations in the telecom domain, technical training sessions using various technologies (C/C++, Java, Ruby, DevOps, etc.), as well as development and project management methodologies.

„Due to the large number of candidates and the growing interest in our internship programs, we have decided to extend the project into an annual “Programming Academy” rolling out across our delivery centers in Eastern Europe. The Academy is also part of a larger series of student-dedicated initiatives and projects including workshops, conferences, tech talks and cooperations with technical faculties in top university centers”, added Bogdan Tudan.

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