Big Data & Distributed Systems for Telco

Ready to dive into the dynamic world of telecom? Let’s explore the software architectures that enabled the huge success of GSM/3G/4G.

You will find out how open source technologies created in the era of web-scale giants will enable the future VoLTE/5G software architectures: big data, scalable public and private clouds, distributed systems and microservices, loose coupling, eventual consistency, container engines (K8s), CI/CT/CD. big computarus big data webinar screen shotView the webinar to discover more about:
  • Scalable noSQL databases,
  • Kafka – highly available distributed queue,
  • Elastic Stack – centralized monitoring search, analytics,
  • how to achieve high throughput and low latency with microservices architectures,
  • the web-scale IT era that Kubernetes is ushering in.
All insights and know-how are accompanied with industry trends and real-life use cases that may help you in your own projects. A recording of the live webinar is available for download by filling in the form below.


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