Cablenet moves to a next generation billing platform

May 24, 2012. Nicosia, Cyprus. Cablenet Communication Systems moves to a next generation billing platform with SAP Convergent Charging solution.

The SAP® Convergent Charging application will support Cablenet’s consume to cash process and will cover existing and future requirements as the company moves into new markets.

To select the software solution, the company worked with SAP channel partner Advanced Management Solutions Ltd (AMS Ltd) and R Systems as telecommunication specialist for the implementation of the solution.

SAP Convergent Charging will enable the company to reduce operational costs through a single rating platform for all existing and new services. Cablenet will be able to easily implement sophisticated credit/spending limits and cross service loyalty promotions due to its real-time operating and pricing design capabilities, providing marketing agility for service pricing.

“As we move into new markets, especially mobile, we find we need a much more flexible rating and charging engine than what we have already”, said Nicolas Shiacolas, Managing Director, Cablenet Communication Systems Ltd. “The SAP solution will enable us to quickly create and deploy new offers to our customers, helping us to serve our community better and respond to rapidly changing market conditions.”

“The implementation of this solution is a milestone for SAP Cyprus, our partners and
customers, as it helps us take the next step to more complex and advanced implementations. Our market is becoming more mature and our aim is to provide
and support Cypriot businesses with SAP specialized solutions”, said Alex Mouradian, Country Sales Manager, SAP Cyprus Ltd.

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