R Systems and DigitalRoute successfully delivered PCRF solution to European tier-1 operator

R Systems, as system integrator, and DigitalRoute, global leading provider of mediation and policy control (PCRF) solutions, have jointly announced the successful delivery of DigitalRoute’s PCRF solution for large tier-1 Eastern European telecom operator.

The operator chose DigitalRoute’s PCRF solution to replace its legacy policy control system as the company was struggling with new services launch due to existing vendor lock-in. Policy control is part of DigitalRoute’s online control solution set, a pre-configured use case built on the company’s MediationZone platform that promotes rather than inhibits changing service offerings. It is an effective tool for communication service providers who in particular wish to offer innovative services to their customers.

R Systems has a long-term strategic partnership with DigitalRoute, as well as extensive expertise in the network domain both in policy and other online control areas, and this enabled them to deliver the complete solution in less than 5 months. Furthermore, R Systems is also expert in service innovation and real-time environments, especially in telecommunication domain.

“We are delighted to announce this milestone implementation with a key partner” — commented Johan Bergh, CEO, DigitalRoute. „Policy Control is often a ‘negative’ application in so far as PCRF is primarily used to throttle service usage. With R Systems, PolicyZone is demonstrating how the next generation of policy products can drive subscriber behaviour rather than just police it.”

“We always strive to bring technology value to our customers and we focus on nurturing strong partnerships with elite players from within the industry, as a key enabler for reaching this goal. We already had a long term successful collaboration with DigitalRoute in the mediation domain, now our partnership expanded into new grounds, the PCRF domain. We already acknowledged the value DigitalRoute’s PCRF solution brings to mobile operators as we have seen during the implementation how easy it is to develop a complex ecosystem of innovative use cases on top of it. We are confident that together we can offer significant value in helping operators manage their increasingly complex networks”, added Dariusz Górczyński, Business Unit Director, R Systems.

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