R Systems and Prime Telecom have launched the first MVNE in Romania

R Systems and Prime Telecom have partnered to launch Veridian Systems, the first mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE) in Romania. Veridian Systems has announced the finalization of the technological platform based on which they will offer telecom services, and the completion of the formalities for registering the MVNE with the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM). Veridian Systems provides companies wishing to attract and retain customers by offering them mobile services, as well as Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), with a modern and complete technological platform, before and after launch consultancy services, and technical support.

As MVNE, Veridian Systems facilitates the establishing of partnerships between traditional operators and companies looking to become MVNOs, ensuring the necessary support for a fast and smooth launch on the market.

“The MVNO market is highly-developed in countries such as Great Britain, Germany, France, and Belgium, where they operate with success for over 10 years, MVNOs being seen as opportunities to generate additional revenue streams and to address new customer niches. Establishing Veridian Systems is thus a significant step towards the emergence of MVNOs on the Romanian market. During the past 4 months since we first announced the launch of the Veridian MVNE in Romania, we have managed to finalize the technological platform, which is essential to our activity. At the same time, we have begun the discussions with mobile operators and have approached a series of potential customers – companies interested in becoming mobile virtual operators, from industries such as retail, commerce and banking”, declared Marian Velicu, General Manager Veridian Systems.

“With the help of our partners, R Systems and Prime Telecom, we are now offering all the necessary resources for an MVNO start-up. The Veridian Systems technological platform ensures a fast time-to-market, with minimum investments, and our team of experts is ready to provide consultancy services throughout all the phases of the process”, added Marian Velicu.

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