R Systems office in Galati moving to a new location

We are happy to announce that in January 2017 the Galati office of R Systems Romania has moved to a new and larger office space on 23 Logofat Tautu street, 800009, Galati.

For the official opening this week, the colleagues in Galati and visitors from Bucharest office came together for an informal celebration lunch. On this occasion, Ioana Jenssen, R Systems HR Manager, shared her thoughts on the event and the company’s local development plans:

Our office in Galati is an important strategic location for R Systems group, the team here supporting the delivery of large projects to our main customer portfolio worldwide. We currently have a team of over 30 QA engineers, software engineers and system architects and we plan to grow and develop this core of technical talent by recruiting over 20 people by the end of the year. The new office space will allow us to expand our local teams and support the overall company growth we target.

I would also like to thank our colleagues for their support during the relocation and I count on their continuous feedback into conferring the new space the same cozy, family-like atmosphere we have across all the R Systems offices worldwide. The office building has a central position and is dedicated only to R Systems employees. The building is a redesigned classic villa which mixes original architectural elements with modern and whimsical design details, in what we hope to be a friendly, welcoming and inspiring atmosphere for existing and future employees.

We invite you to view below a selection of pictures from the new office premises and the celebration lunch.

R Systems new office in Galati R Systems new office in Galati R Systems new office in Galati R Systems new office in Galati

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