R Systems selected as software services provider for JAIN SLEE service delivery platform

R Systems was selected by a large tier 1 Eastern European operator as provider of development and maintenance services for a service delivery platform (SDP) based on JAIN SLEE technology.

R Systems delivers several solutions on this platform, from call control, charging, mediation and routing through to USSD services. The scope of this project included the development of a solution that would allow the mobile operator to comply with the newest EU roaming regulations. For this purpose, the solution developed by our team of engineers was integrated with multiple systems: mobile switching center/Gateway-MSC/visitor location register (MSC/GMSC/VLRs), multiple intelligent networks, multiple online charging systems, service performence report (SPR), short message service center (SMSC), multimedia messaging service center (MMSC), operation and maintenance, database and external partners (corporate customers).

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