Conversational AI Assistants Will Optimize 75% of Call Center Activities by 2030

R Systems estimates that, by 2030, conversational AI assistants will be able to streamline 75% of call center activities, optimizing customer interaction and reducing operational costs.

Based on the increased demand for 24/7 customer support services, especially at companies with millions of customers such as telecommunications, utilities, banking, and insurance, R Systems has launched on the Romanian market an innovative solution – Romanian-speaking intelligent conversational agents. These conversational robots have been developed using the latest AI technologies from Microsoft and UiPath, and are able not only to respond in natural human language but can also solve customers’ inquiries automatically and in real time. 

These „Intelligent Conversational Assistants” are not limited to giving a set of default answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs), but can have a conversation in natural language, by voice or in writing, accurately recognizing the intention of the human speaker. In addition to understanding the full context of the discussion and the customer’s request, they provide the appropriate answers to the specifics of each customer account and can perform – like a human agent – certain operations, such as accessing databases or CRM, ERP or Customer Support Platform solutions to provide accurate and relevant information to the users. 

Following a set of specific organizational procedures (e.g., authentication as a preliminary action for the provision of particular information), under conditions that guarantee the highest level of data security, a smart conversational assistant may perform and process certain changes on the spot, on behalf of the customers, such as changing the parameters of a contract (activating a new service, changing the existing service plan, updating contact details, etc.). For example, for customers of utility companies all these operations, authorized by the applicant’s voice commands, would be immediately reflected in the contract, on the invoice and in their digital customer account („My account”) of that utility provider. 

From R Systems’ estimates, the conversational robot can swiftly take over and resolve the most common requests, allowing human operators to focus their attention on more challenging, less frequent scenarios.  

For the client using the Customer Support service, the intelligent conversational agent becomes a virtual assistant who can provide the relevant and accurate information they need – such as invoice balance, remaining contract duration and type of subscription they’ve contracted – without the need to wait for a human consultant to become available, all of these contributing to an exceptional customer experience. 

For the team in a call center, the same conversational assistant is a virtual colleague, who always has all the internal procedures and support documents at hand, providing the human agent with the necessary information, along with its relevant source, all in real-time and without any errors. 

Furthermore, companies that implement such a solution based on a large language model (LLM) and generative AI can see a considerable increase in the productivity of call center services; providing extended service hours from 8-10 to 24 hours a day, without additional costs with recruitment, training and salaries of employees is a relevant aspect amid the shortage of staff in several fields, including call centers. 

“We have extensive international experience in developing and deploying artificial intelligence and business automation solutions. We know that in order to optimize the processes and quality of our customers’ services, it is essential that solutions incorporating AI conversational technology are well-designed to understand and respond to the context of user interactions. It is also important to take customer feedback into account for a successful implementation. In addition, companies need to be transparent about the use of AI in their services and ensure that customer data and privacy are protected. In the local market, we offer such innovative solutions – intelligent conversational robots – that are designed to give a competitive edge to companies in telecoms, utilities, banking, insurance, and the public sector, by increasing customer satisfaction and paving the way for new business opportunities,” said Raluca Rusu, Chief Executive Officer, R Systems Europe. 

„Based on the latest technologies from strategic partners such as Microsoft and UiPath, the conversational robots developed by R Systems interact with a company’s existing systems without introducing a higher level of complexity. Processing customer personal data adheres to GDPR rules in the European Union, and Microsoft guarantees the level of business privacy, making it impossible for know-how, internal processes, or any other confidential data to be accessed without authorization,” says Cosmin Tudor, Business Unit Director for Digital Practice at R Systems Europe. 

According to R Systems’ analysis, the demand for services assisted by AI conversational robots, available 24 hours a day – will continue to grow in Romania, in the coming years, in line with the global trends, as the prestigious global IT research and consulting firm Gartner, estimates that by 2026, the services offered by conversational chatbots will generate savings of $80 billion worldwide, in terms of costs for human resources in call centers. 


R Systems Europe has in its portfolio intelligent conversational robots, such as Nadia and Victor, which can respond to customers’ verbal requests, with applicability in several other industries. 

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