We nurtured a long term strategic partnership with Digital Route – a leading vendor offering best-of-breed mediation. MediationZone from DigitalRoute has over 260 deployments worldwide and supports any combination of online/offline and active/bi-directional mediation of voice, data and content services, with carrier-grade functionality and unparalleled flexibility.
We have created a team of reliable and skillful MediationZone experts, capable to present the product in front of the end customers, to deliver complex projects as system integrator or to handle simple customization projects.
Speaking about the cooperation with R Systems, Robert Sie stated: “They are very consistent and easy to work with because they have rightly skilled people with similar profiles. They understand both network and IT. Most companies are good in either, not both. In our world, we are living between IT and network. They have this sweet spot just where we would like it to be.”

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