Infographic: Romania’s key success factors in nearshore and offshore software outsourcing

A 2016 report of the Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion (NCH) describes Romania as a major IT hub in Eastern Europe and an attractive nearshore software development location for worldwide customers.

Discovering Romania as a Business Hub” provides interesting figures as to how the Romanian IT industry has evolved to one of the fastest-growing information technology (IT) markets in Central and Eastern Europe, making significant progress in subsectors such as mobile telephony, web technologies, internet and IT.

The infographic below illustrates some of Romania’s key success factors in nearshore and offshore software outsourcing projects, among which:

  • the technical and linguistic abilities of the professionals;
  • the rapidly improving business environment;
  • the high number of technical universities;
  • the Western culture;
  • the competitive labor costs.

Taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the local market, R Systems has opened the first development center in Romania, in 2001, in Bucharest. Eight years later it opened a second technical hub in Galati, employing a total of over 100 specialists and ranking in top 100 software development companies in Romania in 2015.

Romania software outsourcing provider


  • “Discovering Romania as a Business Hub” by the Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion (NCH) in cooperation with BG & Partners (2016)

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