Inspiring innovation with IoT and machine learning internal projects

As technology enthusiasts we always embrace the opportunity to experiment with the newest tech and tools. The latest internal project gave our development teams the chance to design and build PoCs and prototypes of their choice in their preferred fields like machine learning, data mining, automation, etc.

The project involved a number of 20 colleagues divided into 5 teams across our offices in Bucharest, Galati, Bialystok, Chisnau and Noida. They needed no more than 3 weeks to develop their projects and take them from idea to hands-on demo version.
  • A machine learning project for predicting CPU utilization for real-time systems by manipulating the throughput.
  • A machine learning – data mining project and creating the main modules for a functional chatbot: client GUI using an internal REST API to communicate with the server; server – datastore using Elasticsearch to save a big amount of data; external system – DialogFlow.
  • The simulation of a mass-alarm application and its deployment on a cloud foundry local setup.
  • A smart indoor garden solution.
  • A smart home platform based on a multi-node microservice architecture.
The project gave teams the opportunity to explore domains or areas of business that they are passionate about and also to make useful discoveries in terms of new technologies. It was also a practical example of how fast our teams were able to kick off a PoC project. According to Marius, Solution Architect and one of the team leaders,
“as soon as in only one week the team got familiar with the technology stack and in the following week we managed the implementation of the business idea.”
It was also a good exercise for discovering potential business cases for new offerings by R Systems. Valentin, System Architect and leader of the team developing the smart home platform, explained the business case of their solution:
“The smart home platform could address any general public buyer but the more targeted focus would be telecom providers. They could diversify their offer by including smart home devices as well as a wider range of  appliances (like radio, voice controlled, Alexa-style devices, pay-per-view TV, home security system that stores information in the cloud), available to the users from their subscription offering and all controllable from a single app.”
The PoC development project served as a valuable experience for everybody involved and also as an inspiration for new teams and innovating ideas to be put to practice in real-life R Systems projects.

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